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About Jaxon's Superheroes

Our Organization

We started Jaxon's Superheroes Foundation (JSF) with a few goals in mind. The first thing we wanted to accomplish was to provide other families like ours with a peer to peer source for information from someone just like them. When we started this journey in 2017 with our son Jaxon, the initial shock is almost too much to bear. We didn't know where to turn for information, or what to look for when looking into treatment options. Thankfully we had an amazing support group that helped us through those tough times, and that's what we want to offer others first and foremost.

The next thought we had was how fortunate we had been with our supporters that we have been able to raise so much money for other organizations. In total, we have raised over $75,000 to date, each year raising more than the last, which is an incredible accomplishment! Before starting our foundation, 100% of our funds raise were donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, who we were partnered with for 3 years. That money went to some great causes including drug and research development, sending local children with neuromuscular diseases to summer camps, and much, much more! We are so thankful for the MDA and all that they do for families struggling like we were, and we will continue to support them as well! 

In the spring of 2020, Jaxon's Mom Chelsea had a terrific idea for Jaxon to get a service dog to help with everyday tasks such as standing up, getting dressed, opening doors, etc. While researching the service dogs, we quickly realized that they are extremely expensive. We needed to raise $17,500 for Jaxon to get his dog, and that was only HALF of the cost! After some wonderful donations as well as a lot of hard work returning nearly $10,000 in returnable pop cans from a drive we hosted, Jaxon was fully funded and ready for his dog! This is when the thought popped into our minds. Why couldn't we start a foundation to help other families fundraise for things such as service animals, wheelchairs, adaptive gear for handicapped children, handicap accessible vehicles, and the list could go on and on. 

Therefore, today we are launching Jaxon's Superheroes Foundation! A all inclusive, one stop shop for families just like ours who are struggling to find a path forward after their child's diagnosis. We aim to be of any type of assistance needed for families whether that's fundraising assistance, information regarding top doctors, care, or new therapies to try, or just to simply lend an ear if someone needs help navigating the post diagnosis waters off Duchenne. We want families struggling with this to know that they are not alone, and that this diagnosis does not have to end your journey, rather it can serve as your new beginning!

- The Hunt Family

Our Mission

Eliminate Barriers. Empower Lives.

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